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8co helps people, manager and executives to reach better, faster and in a way sustainable in time the personal change they needed to let them perform at their best in their lifes and careers.
Alessandra Alessandra networks and develops projects with a wide international network of Coaches specialised in NLP and Six Steps to Unlimited Performance, as well as Family Constellations, Gestalt, Drama Theraphy, Human Body System, Body Mind Centering, Body Talk, etc
Specialized training in Human Performance Management, Leadership Development, Change Management, Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions for International Business, Theatre Labs.
Coaching is a process of growth and, as for any growth, it involves change.  In order to enter it, you need to be willing to Change something (as you see it does not work for you any more, it does not give you the results you want, or worse it gives you results you do not want) in order to obtain different (and better for you) results than what you get now.
My basic idea about Change is that it is essential to life, and though generally interpreted as dangerous and scary and difficult, it actually simply means being able to Change, that is having more flexibility in one’s behaviours in order to adapt at best to the changed situation you live now and its requirements. 
If a certain behavior has worked for you in the past, you tend to keep acting it, even if the changed situation and your changed role would benefit from different approaches. I will help you see all the tools and resources you have, and decide which to live in the box for now, which to add (we build and practise new behaviours and strategies) and which at the occasion use for your best results.
It means that we can obtain best or at least better results only if we consciously decide which behaviour and skill will work at best for our purpose, and we use those, rather than automatically switching to old behaviours who have served us well in the past but are not so effective anymore.
Change in chinese language is a mix of risk and opportunity: I will help you understand and keep under control the risks, while giving you all the tools to make the opporunity real.  I will also help you focus on your real goals, make sure they are "ecological", that is good for your life in general (looking at all areas: family, work, health, relationships...).
Also, as in sport, in life it is more difficult to get rid of useless or negative habits (though they served us in the past) than to build new ones, and as I often say, developing more skills it is more a matter of taking away unneeded covers than to bring in or build new things: you already have most o what you really need.
I will help you identify them and put them in your toolbox and I will teach you how to consciously extract the right ones for the situation and improve your efficacy in realizing your objectives.
When working in Leadership development and team coaching we may include assessment tools (see here one we use - link to doc 8co - Presentazione Strumento Mgt Assessment.doc).
A typical individual coaching program includes 8/10 individual sessions lasting 3h, plus confidential notes after each session, possible phone and email reviews and quality check on the service delivered.
Group coaching on specific issues is also possible, as well as team coaching to align a team to common objectives and make them able to perform at best with one another in reaching them.  The lenght will be between 2/10 days or sessions, depending on the matters and the group or team objectives
Leadership team development is also a specific expertise area Alessandra masters, in projects that proceed from an Assessment (in any form chosen, or previously done by the company), a personal and company vision and mission definition/communication/alignment, a team coaching and individual coaching to be able to lead the company and taking the team to their maximum potential.  A similar project takes 6 days of group discussion and coaching plus 6 sessions per participant of individual coaching, and 3 follow up sessions of one day each in the next year to see how the leadership team proceeds towards its objectives.
Alessandra uses various tools from Gestalt, NLP, and the exclusive methodology of Performance Unlimited “Six Steps to Unlimited Performance”, already utilized with success in many profit and no-profit organizations in Europe (see here) http://www.performance-unlimited.biz/default.asp?id=5&ver=1.

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